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Electric road paver from Dynapac

The electric tar machine Citypaver from Dynapac developed by SUNCAR

An effective and resource-saving all-rounder

SUNCAR developed together with Dynapac Germany a battery electric road paver. Recent developments in electromobility have shown that the new generation of electric batteries can keep pace with their conventional fossil-fuel counterparts. The SD1800We is no exception. Its new electric drive is equipped with a highly efficient 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) that provides 55 kW of power to the hydraulic system (screed, undercarriage). Depending on the type of task, application and intensity of the work cycle, the SD1800We provides up to four hours of robust performance on a single charge. Charging is accomplished via an included CE-compliant Type 2 plug for 400V, 6-32A, 1.4-22.0kW AC.

Charging is accomplished via a wallbox or charging station. The SD1800We can also be charged with a Type 2 AC or CCS2 DC. Depending on the state of the battery (temperature, battery cycles), charging takes about 3 hours to go from 5% to 80% at 400 V 22 kW (AC) and 40 minutes to go from 5% to 80% at 80 kW (DC). Even if charging during work is not possible, you can preheat the screed with the charger (with Type 2 AC or CCS2 DC) while waiting for the material, thus conserving the battery level.

Different specifications - same power and performance

The SD1800W e is similar in design and power to its diesel-powered cousin. The electric model offers a paving capacity of up to 350tph and can pave up to 4.1 m with the screed extended. The high-voltage electrical components such as battery, inverter, DC/DC converter and electric motor are connected to an efficient water-cooled system. It consists of a bidirectional heat pump with a high-voltage compressor. This ensures that the SD1800W e can operate in the most demanding conditions.