Headerpicture SUNCAR Feasibility Studies & System Design
Headerpicture SUNCAR Feasibility Studies & System Design

Feasibility Studies & System Design

The technical feasibility, economic viability and ecological relevance of customer projects are evaluated.

Project start

A feasibility study serves for the conception as well as for the clarification of the technical feasibility of the customer's request. Among other things, it provides information about the expected performance, the expected costs and is thus the basis for the construction of a prototype. In the study, we work together with the customer to draw up a specification sheet with all the requirements and wishes. On the basis of these specifications, a concept and the system design are worked out, which is subsequently recorded as a specification. The exchange among each other in order to combine the customer's machine-specific know-how with our experience in electrification is the basis for success. Based on the requirements, our development team elaborates and analyzes the project with regard to various aspects, from technical feasibility and economic viability to ecological relevance and sustainability.

Flexible and customer-oriented

Our experience in preparing feasibility studies and our wide range of contacts with component suppliers enable us to quickly select and place components and assemblies according to the customer's needs, thus allowing us to respond flexibly to all customer requirements. Due to our broad positioning, we subsequently offer all necessary work to obtain a finished product. This includes for example the implementation of all electrical components (drive, wiring harness and battery), software development and all mechanical work . We also offer the possibility to integrate our products like the FUSION high voltage distribution or the INTERFLOW DC fast charging interface to guarantee the highest possible compatibility and longevity.

Another focus in the preparation of a feasibility study and the system design is the longevity and the possibility for further development of projects at a later stage. From the prototype, it should be possible to build a small or even larger series directly or with optimizations based on field tests.

System design of electric construction machinery at SUNCAR
System design of electric construction machinery at SUNCAR

The following activities are standard procedures and are part of our feasibility studies and system designs:

  • Creation of concepts for system architecture
  • Measurement, evaluation and verification of vehicle and machine data
  • Design and integration of batteries
  • Development and selection of the drive concept
  • Design of the AC and DC charging concept
  • Research and selection of optimal components
  • Design of cooling and heating systems
  • Analysis of LV and HV on-board networks
  • Interface definition of control units and displays



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