Headerpicture SUNCAR Mechanical & Thermal Development
Headerpicture SUNCAR Mechanical & Thermal Development

Mechanical & Thermal Development

Our team of experienced designers and mechanical engineers will map your system completely in 3D CAD models. The mechanical and thermal components can thus be designed and planned in detail.

Mechanical vehicle design

With the help of CAD models, we develop the prototypes or products according to the ideas and requirements of our customers. Primarily, we pay attention to a reasonable producibility and its price, but also to an assembly and service friendly design. Also important at this point is the longevity of the prototypes and products, as well as the possibility to transfer the prototype into a series. Detailed 3D CAD models and careful versioning create an accurate digital image (digital twin), which simplifies repairs, maintenance and upgrades, and enables simulations and renderings for manuals and promotional brochures. It also greatly simplifies subsequent development. In order to develop products that can reliably withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor use, we use the experience and knowledge of our engineers as well as vibration analysis and FEA (finite element analysis) methods to adequately dimension components. Thanks to our many years of experience in mechanics and our large network of suppliers, we can also take care of the procurement of the electrical and mechanical components in the required quality.

Thermal management

A decisive factor for longevity and reliability in battery-electric high-performance machines and vehicles is good temperature management, since the power components such as the electric motor, the inverter and the battery must be kept within a defined temperature window. This requires careful thermal design and the use of, for example, a bidirectional heat pump with temperature sensors, circulating pumps and complex tubing to sufficiently cool or heat all components, as well as the driver's cab if necessary. SUNCAR's thermal design has already proven itself in projects of all sizes, from the TB216E mini-excavator (2t) to the LB 16 unplugged large drilling rig (55t).

SUNCAR also offers complete electrical engineering services such as harness design, component selection and layout, and programming of vehicle controls and operator displays .


3D CAD construction of mechanical parts using Solidworks at SUNCAR
3D CAD construction of mechanical parts using Solidworks at SUNCAR

Mechanical design

  • Conception and design
  • Calculations, simulations and renderings
  • Prototype construction
  • Support for series start-up
  • 3D CAD Solidworks
  • PDM versioning
  • Professional manufacturing partners

Thermal design

  • Measurements and calculations
  • Cabin air conditioning and heating
  • Battery cooling and heating
  • Electronics cooling
  • Overall solutions
  • Integration of bidirectional heat pump
Thermal development of electric construction machinery at SUNCAR
Thermal development of electric construction machinery at SUNCAR


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