Software development

ZE85 RemotEx

Ferngesteuerter Bagger von SUNCAR

Together with KTEG and Gravis Robotics we developed a completely remote controlled ZE85 excavator. SUNCAR was responsible, among other things, for the intervention in the pilot hydraulics, for the board electronics and the interface to the sensor box on the cab roof. 

Distance-independent remote control

The system allows the machine to be controlled remotely via a 5G mobile network. The connection is distance-independent, as long as both sides are connected to the Internet. On the machine side, this can be 4G, 5G or Wifi.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality enables precise depth perception during the digging process. Safe working close to the machine is ensured by a remote radio emergency stop that can be activated in an emergency. 
A completely mirrored vehicle cab allows full control of the construction site. In addition, the sensor platform with cameras and lidar on the excavator cab provides optimum all-round visibility. 

Electric mobility taken to its logical conclusion

Remote control of machines can save resources and, above all, protect employees when working in dangerous areas such as avalanche-prone areas or when in remote locations. Workload can also be optimized - one machine operator can operate several underutilized machines from one location. 

Remote cockpit of the remote-controlled excavator from SUNCAR