MOVASYSTExcavator Assistance System

The MOVASYST excavator assistance system includes a wide range of functions to increase the productivity and safety of excavators. The universal assistance system enables modular and individual installation on different machine types and manufacturers.

MOVASYST from SUNCAR offers various assistance and safety systems for excavators. The aim is to make work easier and to increase occupational safety in the machine environment. The system has a modular, manufacturer-independent design and allows individual functionalities to be installed in line with customer requirements and subsequently expanded if necessary. Work with the excavator is simplified, accelerated and made safer thanks to intuitive operation via a modern touch display in the cab, without the need for complex and expensive modifications. MOVLIMIT, MOVIEW and MOVCONTROL are available individually or in combination.

Schwenkbegrenzung Hubbegrenzung Bagger SUNCAR MOVASYST MOVLIMIT


The MOVLIMIT lift and slewing limit enables safe working in railroad, road and tunnel construction. The working area limit can be easily set on the left, right and top. The limit points for the boom and slewing range are approached and confirmed on the touchscreen. If a limit range is reached, the pilot control for this movement is actively blocked and the excavator does not move any further. The damping rate can be set individually to prevent an abrupt stop.

The system is ready for use within a day and can be installed on different excavators regardless of the manufacturer.


  • No license costs
  • Ready for use within one day
  • No influence on excavator performance
  • Adjustable damping ramp for smooth braking
  • Lift and swing limiter is useable in combination or individually
Baggervisualisierung Baggerassistenzsystem MOVASYST MOVIEW von SUNCAR


MOVIEW enables the visualization of the excavator bucket from different perspectives. The exact bucket position with distances, depths and gradients is detected using inclination sensors. There is no need for additional measuring, the erection of a cutting frame or timeconsuming remeasuring by an extra person. Thanks to the option of specifying a defined target angle by contour, flat surfaces or slopes are child's play.

MOVIEW avoids unwanted additional excavation and enables greater precision with fewer work steps. This increases productivity and reduces costs.


  • Constant control of the work performed for dimensional accuracy
  • Reduced personnel requirements for measuring and control work
  • No extra excavation
  • Fewer work cycles
  • Increased productivity
Baggerautomatisierung Baggerassistenzsystem MOVASYST MOVCONTROL von SUNCAR


The MOVCONTROL assistance system automates machine movements. This relieves the driver of repetitive processes and increases productivity and accuracy. Thanks to the semi-automatic control of the boom, the entire process of precise stripping can be carried out with just one joystick.

Thanks to the option of specifying a target contour, flat surfaces, slopes with defined angles or a precisely vertical borehole can also be created in a single operation without a great deal of preparation and measuring work. Achieving a perfect result is therefore simple and reproducible.


  • Create gradients, slopes and embankments with defined angles precisely and without reworking
  • No manual measuring or manual reworking necessary
  • Works towards and away from the excavator
  • Perfect result over the entire reach of the boom

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