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LIEBHERR LB 16 unplugged

SUNCAR Liebherr LB16 unplugged large rotary drilling rig
Copyright Image: Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH

SUNCAR HK together with LIEBHERR developed the world's first battery-powered large rotary drilling rig "LB 16 unplugged". The LB 16 unplugged is the electric version of the LB 16 large rotary drilling rig powered by a combustion engine, which is already established in the product portfolio. The new special civil engineering rig with electric drive is battery-powered and therefore cordless. The LB 16 unplugged has no limitations in terms of performance and application compared with the conventional LB 16 version. The 55-ton electrohydraulic rotary drilling rig can be used for an entire working day without any problems thanks to a battery runtime of ten hours. The battery can then be fully recharged at night within seven hours.

The advantages of the LB 16 unplugged are clear: It produces no local emissions and significantly less noise. The electric rotary drilling rig can therefore be used in areas with strict emission limits as well as in noise-sensitive areas.

Project goals

  • to develop an electric drive solution for the LB16 construction machine manufactured by Liebherr.
  • to supply components for the production of a prototype (LB16 unplugged).
  • assemble the prototype with the help of Liebherr employees until before bauma.
  • to manage real construction site operations with it.


  •  First engine start on the LB 16 unplugged just before Christmas 2018.
  •  Successful presentation of the LB 16 unplugged at bauma in Munich.
  •  Successfully completed operation on the construction site in Bürs.


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