Dec. 20, 2023

6-t Excavator Redesign

Image: Kaliauer Industrie Design:

Proof meets performance

In collaboration with customers and Huppenkothen GmbH, we made the decision to launch a new limited series in order to further optimize the proven machines, including for subsequent series. The existing e-excavators have now been in use for 6 years. Through our remote system INSIGHT, we received a lot of practical information about the vehicles, which formed the basis for further development. We also collaborate intensively with our service department to bring the new excavators to optimum mechanical and electrical standards. Our e-excavators are engineered to tackle the toughest jobs with minimal emissions while never compromising on performance. With the latest technology and sophisticated technology, the SUNCAR e-excavator is in no way inferior to the performance of conventional diesel machines. The electrical advantages of the excavator are many: low maintenance, reduced operating costs and emission-free operation, especially in inner-city construction sites and enclosed spaces.

Beautiful inside and out

A sleek redesign of the e-excavator not only gives the machines a fresh, modern look, but also improves functionality and comfort. For example, the driver's rear view from the cab has been optimized by making the entire container about 350 mm lower at the top. Great importance was also placed on better accessibility (solved, among other things, through maintenance hatches) to all components. The exciting design was developed in collaboration with Kaliauer Industrie Design from Linz, a design studio that already has experience in designing construction- and special vehicles.

Sophisticated charging technology

The previous excavator could charge using alternating current (AC) with 22kW or optionally 44kW. During the redesign, we also implemented the option of DC charging, with which the batteries can be charged from 20 to 80% with up to 100 kW in 50 minutes. An even higher charging power was dispensed with in favor of battery life. The system can also heat or cool the battery temperature if conditions are less ideal. Cable operation has also been implemented to enable unlimited performance in stationary applications.

Innovation and continuity combined

Remote system: We install our INSIGHT remote system as standard on all machines we develop. This allows the operating data and live status of the e-excavators to be controlled efficiently and intuitively. The map view also provides an overview of the current locations.
Excavator assistance systems: A retrofit of the MOVASYST excavator assistance system was taken into account by, for example, providing separate power supplies and a 12 V connection to the front of the boom.
High voltage distribution system: With our FUSION450S we connect the main components battery, charger, inverter, motor and the fast charging system in the e-excavator. All inputs and outputs are also protected on both sides (plus and minus pole).
DC fast charging interface: With our INTERFLOW500 we enable fast charging of high-voltage batteries in accordance with the CCS standard in the excavator via communication unit, current measurement and contactors.
Batteries: The batteries used are a consistent further development of the previous model. In addition to the increased capacity to 126 kWh, a system was developed in 3 years that is leading in terms of safety, robustness and performance. Care was taken to ensure that the connections, control and communication of the batteries are optimally coordinated with the rest of the system. We also use a new coolant that is tailored to the batteries. Due to its high heat capacity, this not only guarantees efficient cooling, but also brings other positive properties, such as commercial advantages, low thermal expansion and harmlessness to health.
LVDU: The low-voltage distribution system was completely redesigned. Here, too, we took into account the experiences of our service department and INSIGHT and relied on proven, high-performance components when designing. We have individually equipped these standard components to meet your needs, which enables even more stable functionality and improves the accessibility of the entire LVDU.
Heat pump: The heat pumps remain fundamentally similar to the previous series - what is unique about this edition of the e-excavators is that the heat pumps work bidirectionally. This means that it can move heat from batteries, electronics and cabin back and forth as desired, thus ensuring optimal operating conditions for the technology and user comfort on the one hand and maximizing efficiency on the other.
Engine: No significant changes have been made to the engine; the maximum drive power of 94 kW remains the same.

Safe & operator-centered

Safety and comfort are key for SUNCAR. The machines have safety certificates, a Marechal plug (enables automatic unlocking in the event of mechanical overload on the cable) and warnings for safe operation. Our machines are also designed with the operator in mind, so that work can be carried out more comfortably and efficiently. For example, an optional high-voltage heater that can heat the cab more quickly is now installed.


The development phase of the machines will be completed in the next few days and the assembly phase will begin - this includes the assembly of the containers at our premises in Schlieren and then the connection of the containers to the machines in Oberbüren at Huppenkothen. The basic machines are already equipped - they are based on the corresponding diesel model and will be supplemented with brackets for the component container.
Commissioning is planned for the beginning of March - stay tuned for further updates, more detailed specifications and the day of delivery - we are very much looking forward to it!

Kaliauer Industrie Design

Bild: Kaliauer Industrie Design: