July 13, 2021

Electric snow blower with Meili

Meili BEATe snow blower

The weather in Zurich at the moment is more like autumn or winter than a nice summer. We hope, of course, that winter will wait a little longer - but the e.municipal vehicles BEAT.e and RETO.e would be ready. However, they can of course be used in any weather and were built to be able to do anything.

Developed jointly with SUNCAR HK at the end of 2018, the 100% electric municipal vehicles, BEAT.e® and RETO.e®, are attracting a lot of interest in the market. That is why they were upgraded this year with a new and powerful snow blower. This means that the two vehicles can now cope with even the most demanding winter weather in all snow conditions.
The two electric municipal vehicles are equipped with a powerful electric motor that reaches a nominal power of 70 kW as well as a peak power of 120 kW. With the high capacity of 100 kWh of the lithium-ion battery, the BEAT.e® and RETO.e® achieve a range of 200 km and 6.5 h operation respectively.

We were allowed to accompany Viktor Meili AG in the implementation of the e-vehicles and are pleased with the result!

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