Jan. 16, 2023

Internship at SUNCAR - from the perspective of intern Mauro

Praktikum bei der SUNCAR - aus der Sicht von Praktikant Mauro

What did you do at SUNCAR?

I completed a six-month internship at SUNCAR. I was assigned to the software department, but I was also directly involved in a project. To be more precise, it was a feasibility study to investigate the electrification of a machine and to submit a proposal to the customer in the form of a report.

What was a normal working day like for you?You have a lot of contact with the employees. Within our project we had a meeting every day in which we discussed our next steps and assigned work. There was an external meeting with the customer's development department twice a week, where we presented our findings and received direct feedback. At the same time, I always had to do small software tasks. Since SUNCAR has its own workshop, it was sometimes also possible for me to do something hands-on, such as E.g. to help in the production of our products (FUSION, INTERFLOW) or to flash displays. I have always valued this work very much, as I like to have something hands-on to do.

What did you particularly like?What I liked most was the atmosphere among the employees. Because the average age of the employees is just over 30 years, there is a great, innovative atmosphere full of energy. We interns were warmly welcomed straight away and we were able to contact anyone with questions, regardless of their position. Another highlight were the various events, e.g. E.g. the two-day company trip to the Bauma in Munich. This visit shaped me, because on the one hand I experienced our machines live and on the other hand I saw how well known SUNCAR is in the construction industry. I have been asked several times by strangers whether our company has a stand and where it is located.

What are you taking with you for your future?The aim of this internship was to get an insight into the engineering profession and to gain initial experience of what I can expect in the future. Since mainly mechanical engineers work at SUNCAR, I was also able to gain experience in mechanical engineering. I could witness the enthusiasm of the employees. The feeling when you see that a machine that you have built yourself from the ground up and that you have put endless hours into the development, runs flawlessly and inspires the customers must be indescribable. Personally, I could see how challenging the job of an engineer is and how much you still have to learn after you graduate. As a software engineer, I dealt with machine control and was able to gain valuable experience for my further studies. This includes e.g. for example, the new programming language as Structured Text (ST) or communication within a machine via CAN. This this benefits me insofar as a large part of the communication between machines and electrical devices is standardized via CAN, which I am guaranteed to come into contact with again later.


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