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Prototype construction
Software development
Electric engineering

Electric baggage and cargo tractor

SUNCAR Sherpa electric cargo tractor

The "SHERPA" E is a sustainable and future-oriented all-electric powered luggage tractor that SUNCAR has developed with Goldhofer - based on state-of-the-art technology proven in the automotive industry. The all-electric baggage and loading tractor is the first of its kind: it looks like its conventional diesel counterparts, has the same three cab variants and the same high level of driver comfort and safety as the regular "SHERPA" models - and offers much more besides, especially when it comes to sustainability and significant savings.

Project goals

The goal of SUNCAR's project was to develop an all-electric baggage and cargo tug with innovative 400 V technology for small airports that specialize in handling private jets. It was important to have a device that could be used flexibly - safe and reliable in all functions.

For this reason, the "SHERPA" was developed in such a way that it can not only be used as a cargo tug, but can also move aircraft up to 50 t MTOW.


  • Innovative "IonMaster" technology enables 80% battery reachability within one hour charging time - without special charging station.
  • Operates in all temperature conditions from -25 °C to +50 °C (-13 °F to +122 °F).
  • Provides the same towing performance, flexibility, safety and comfort as "SHERPA" D models
  • Provides 360° visibility for operators, as the entire electrical system is mounted in the front, and the rear hitch is remotely controlled
  • Allows conversion from "SHERPA" D to "SHERPA" E through a common vehicle platform for all drivelines

The development of the prototype was successful, so that today there are more than 10 "SHERPA" E in operation.

Further information (Goldhofer)


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