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Hitachi KTEG ZE19, ein kleiner batteriebetriebener Elektrobagger entwickelt von SUNCAR
Hitachi KTEG ZE19, ein kleiner batteriebetriebener Elektrobagger entwickelt von SUNCAR

Together with KTEG GmbH, we have developed a battery-powered 2 ton electric excavator. The excavator developed by SUNCAR HK is equipped with long-life Li-ion batteries and emits no emissions locally. Calculated over the entire product life, it produces significantly fewer emissions than the underlying models with combustion engines. It is also significantly quieter in operation.

Project Goals

Powerful Electric Drive

⦁ 12 kW max. drive power

⦁ Continuously variable speed control

⦁ Comprehensive safety concept

→ No loss of performance compared to diesel

→ Protects people and the environment

Powerful On-Board Charging System

⦁ Stowable charging connection (400V / 32A)

⦁ Very short charging time (max. 50 min)

⦁ Charge and work at the same time

→ Increases productivity

→ Saves time

Excellent Maintenance Accessibility

⦁ Maintenance-free electric motor

⦁ Easy accessibility to all service points

→ Saves time and maintenance costs

Telematics System as Standard

⦁ Machine monitoring for the whole of Europe

⦁ Decentralized control of the machine status

⦁ Remote maintenance of the battery system possible

→ Increases safety

→ Saves maintenance costs

Large Multifunction Color Monitor

⦁ Clear display of all relevant system parameters and

⦁ Access to all functions through multifunction control

⦁ Optimally positioned

→ Increases comfort

→ Easy to operate


The ZECOM excavator (Zero Emission Construction Machinery) can be operated in both battery and cable mode. It has an onboard charger and can be charged within a very short time. The ZE19 needs only 1 h to be fully charged. The runtime is 2.5 h.


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