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Electric excavator TB216E

SUNCAR Takeuchi TB216E small electric excavator


SUNCAR HK sets new standards in battery-powered excavators with the TB216E. At the same time, Huppenkothen's usual features such as performance, reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness remain fully intact.

Project goals

The aim of this project was the development and realization of an electric 2 t excavator.  For the project, a chassis of a Takeuchi TB216 was used, which was converted with suitable components that allow the implementation of the electric excavator. These are battery, electric drive, charging solutions and other components necessary for electrification. For this purpose, a morphological analysis of various implementation options was carried out and the most suitable solution was selected.

The main development consisted of the complete design of the TB216E including component analysis and calculations for various design elements. Further, the thermal management system was calculated and designed for use in Central Europe. The electrical circuitry of the traction battery and the excavator also had to be developed.
The design elements were implemented in a further step by moving them into production and turning data into real components. A test stand was built from parts of the production and further component orders, where the system could be parameterized, commissioned and tested before installation.

After the successful test phase, the system was mounted on the construction machine and put into operation. In the meantime, the TB216E has gone into series production and almost 60 machines are in operation.


Emission-free electric drive
The TB216E electric excavator is driven by a brushless synchronous motor. This means that no harmful exhaust gases are produced during operation. This makes the TB216E predestined for use in nature reserves, when working in forests, in inhabited areas and in enclosed spaces.
With a nominal power of 18.5 kW / 25 hp, the electric motor also effortlessly drives the hydraulic pump.

Charging & cable operation
Charging of the battery as well as cable operation is done via a standard 400 V / CEE 32 A connection.
With the appropriate adapters, other connection sockets can also be used.  The internal chargers have a charging power of 6 kW.  
The runtime of the excavator in battery operation is four hours and more for excavation work.  The additional cable operation also ensures the possibility to work around the clock. In both operating modes, the TB216E has full excavator power.

Hydraulic system
The complete hydraulic system has been left in its original condition, except for the hydraulic tank.  With three hydraulic control circuits, the TB216E allows precise operation and fast work. The 2nd hydraulic control circuit is proportionally controlled, which allows working with the proven Powertilt slewing system and completes the wide range of application possibilities. The 3rd control circuit allows the hydraulic quick release plate to be opened at 200 bar.

The battery as well as the electric motor are maintenance-free and have a long service life. Consequently, the usual maintenance on the diesel engine is not required. Since the hydraulic system has been left in its original condition, it can be maintained as usual.

The compact design of the TB216 has been retained, so nothing stands in the way of unrestricted working even on tight construction sites.


Simple operation
The built-in display has intuitive menu navigation and thus remains clear and informative even with a large number of functions.


The TB216E's hydraulic track widening, long undercarriage and wide dozer blade ensure stability that is unmatched in its class.

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